A Different Voice

Today I learned that Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has purchased a short story I submitted to them in October. That’s a pretty quick turn-around time actually, considering the volume of submissions they receive. I signed the contract and sent it back in the afternoon mail.

The story is quite a bit different from my previous ones, in that my heroine is a teenage video blogger (or vlogger). The story is entitled “Viewfinder” and tells of the adventure she stumbles into when she’s looking for a subject for her vlog.

When I was acting full-time, it was a joy to slip into different characters, to become someone that I am not and embody that person. While I’m not doing it on stage anymore, writing is the way I can still experience that thrill, and in a wider way that I ever could before. In acting, you’re still bound by your physical body, but writing lets you slip into characters that you could never do on stage – like, for me, a teenage girl. Through imagination you can hear the character’s voice and then record it in the story.

That’s the joy of writing: authors get to live many different lives, and if we do our job well, the reader gets to experience those lives as well.

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