Homophones – the Land Minds of Writers

(and yes, that won was on purpose, as was that one.)

It’s rare that you can scroll through a day’s worth of Facebook posts or memes without seeing a homophone – a word that’s pronounced the same way though it’s spelled differently and has a different meaning. The classic example is “There, their, they’re” (and no, I’m not trying to comfort a child).

People may tell others to “Flea the danger!” though if the fleas are dangerous, it would make sense to flee them.

I’m waiting for some debutant to tell Peta not to protest her fur coat because it came off a fir tree.

We may be told to go fourth, but if it’s only the second of the month we’d have to wait two days.

A golfer might yell “Four” for fore, if grammar isn’t their forte.

I rode the road until I got in a boat and rowed some more.

I guess music could strike a responsive cord, if you were trying to rope in the listener.

Spellcheck is impotent against the homophone, or not to be trusted. It often gets its (possessive) and it’s (it is) mixed up. Grammar check caught “cord” above, but that was it.

When it comes to homophones, I’ll paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, who was a decent writer himself. “Eternal vigilance is the price of being a writer.” Otherwise, you could end up with a paragraph like this:

“Eye like won ax plays with a small caste. Eh play rite can keep our attention wrapped with bazaar stories oar reel events. Aye saw adz for a knew one that has a calvary kernal dual the Devil for the sole of a fare made. Another was a bout an ant who flue aweigh from her intended at the alter. Her nephew guest ware she’d hidden and chaste after her. Plays can have a lot of cymbals in sighed their corps and make ewe sea things inn a different whey.”

Pleas dew knot chute mi.

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