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One aspect of the writer’s life that many on the outside don’t understand is the length of time it takes to get something published. In the winter of 2011, I wrote a short story called “The Covering Storm,” a murder story set during the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. I enjoyed writing the story, especially researching the details of life in Galveston as well as the hurricane itself. I submitted it to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and about six months later the editor, Janet Hutchings, purchased the story.

I knew from when I met Janet while I was attending the Edgars in 2012 that EQMM has a backlog of purchased stories. She wanted my story, which sent me into orbit, but wasn’t sure when it would make it into the magazine. I was fine with that, and waited patiently for it to appear.

The wait is now over. In the new edition of EQMM (for November 2013) my story is the second one in, after a story by Mystery Writers of America president Charlaine Harris. I was also pleased that I’m mentioned by name in the blurb about the issue on the magazine’s website. To see it, click here.

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  1. Enrico A. says:

    Mr. Ingram – I reviewed your story on my blog. Nothing fancy.
    Link is here:
    Thank you,

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