Two Wonderful Words

Today I added two wonderful words to the manuscript I’ve been writing: The End.

After  a very intensive 3 months, I have a complete first draft – working title: The Stable – that runs 98,000 words – 380  pages using Times New Roman font. This was a fascinating experience for me since the plot for the book came to me almost complete. I had scenes in my mind that occurred throughout the book from the moment I began writing – in fact the hard part was writing the scenes in between when I  was bursting to get down this great interaction of the characters that wouldn’t  happen for another 100 pages.

I didn’t outline until I was almost halfway through. Then I did put down detailed notes for the upcoming scenes. But for the most part I sat at my computer and typed. Other manuscripts I’ve written have taken a year or so to write, but not this time.

It required sacrifices to get it done. I haven’t been posting here, and my time on Facebook and Twitter were extremely curtailed. I hope I have some friends left! I gave up my morning exercise time so that I could write before going to work as well as when I came home in the afternoon. Recently I’ve been getting up at 4 am or 5 am to start writing.

I’ve done the first edit on 225 pages, and my wife Dawn has also read those pages and edited them. The last 155 pages were like the Tour de France – multiple days spent either in endurance trials or sprints until I finally came to the finish line. Now I’ll go back and buff and polish.

At the end of August, I’ll be attending the Killer Nashville Writer’s Conference. (Guess where it’s held?) I’m hoping to find an agent there, but there are a couple of agents that I met in New York for the Edgars in 2012 that I’ll be querying as well.

I’ll post updates about how the search is going and I’ll also write up some pieces based on research I did for this novel. I’ve got time to do it now!

Until I start my next book…


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