The Second Hit

One of my first posts after setting up this website was about a story I’d just submitted to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.  The story is called “The Covering Storm” and I submitted it in late January of this year.  A couple months back, I got an email from the editor of EQMM, Janet Hutchings, saying that she’d like to publish it but they had a backlog of stories at the moment.  Could I wait until August?  I (of course) wrote her back and said yes.  August came, and today the contract for the story came via email.

In music, you often hear about One-Hit Wonders – bands that record one really good song, and then fade away.  While one of my stories was chosen as a runner-up in the first ever fiction contest by the Journal of Legal Education, and will be published on their website in the spring, I really felt the need to make a second sale.  I didn’t want to by a mystery writer one-hit wonder.

Now that load of monkeys (pounding randomly on typewriters until they write “Hamlet”) is off my back.  I have not yet heard in which edition of the magazine it will be included.  As soon as I do, I’ll post it here.  Now I’m going to go do my Snoopy happy dance.

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I'm a author of mysteries, a book reviewer for Suspense Magazine, and as the Omnivorous Cinephile, I review movies.
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